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5 Reasons Why Every Home Needs Wallpapers

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Wallpaper for home installation in living room

Wallpapers transform your home interior aesthetics, bringing it to life with colours, textures and patterns. Let’s take a closer look at why every home should opt for wallpapers.

1. Economical

Applying wallpapers is an efficient way to introduce colour and scale into your living space. If you are looking for a long-lasting game changer, wallpapers are a great economical option with long-term investments. For instance, compared to paint, wallpapers are more durable, eliminating paint peels and chipping concerns. On average, wallpapers have a shelf life between 10 to 15 years. Contrarily, painting must be performed every two to five years to maintain its appearance. Moreover, wallpapers for homes are easy to apply compared to painting. This empowers greater cost-effectiveness without the need to hire professional painters.

2. Low maintenance

Not only are wallpapers effortless to set up, they are also easy to maintain. Easily cleaned, just a simple maintenance routine can go a long way in keeping its appearance brand new. For homes with young children and pets, fret not, as scribbles and dirts can be wiped away without a hitch! To ensure the radiance and longevity of your wallpaper, it is advisable to plan for one wallpaper care routine every two to three weeks.

Check out the following tips for wallpaper care:

(i) Before starting the cleaning process

Follow this check-list for tools that you will need:

  • Clean damp cloth

  • Clean dry cloth

  • Soft brush

  • Sponge

  • Dry towel

  • Ladder

(ii) During the cleaning process

  • Wiping should be done in a vertical direction (from bottom to top). This is to prevent streaking.

  • Use a dry cloth to wipe off dry dust.

  • Use a clean damp cloth to wipe off stubborn stains.

  • Wait for one section to dry first before carrying on to the next one.

(iii) Things to avoid during the wallpaper cleaning process

  • Do not use chemical based ingredients, nail polish remover and active solvent based cleaning agents.

  • Do not use bleaching products as they will damage the wallpaper finish

  • Do not use hard scrubbers on the wallpapers

  • Do not over-wet the wallpaper

3. Versatility

If you are someone who constantly likes to pursue new design ideas for your home interior, wallpapers are a great option, as they can be removed and changed whenever you feel like it. The versatility of wallpaper meets your interior design needs in the following manners:

  • It can hide unappealing marks on walls

Wallpapers can cover up poor wall conditions. This makes your home more presentable and neat.

  • It can be applied to different surfaces

Despite the style you wish to create, wallpapers can be applied to concrete, bricks and any other surfaces.

  • It can create a theme

Wallpapers can be used to create a theme in a particular room. There are various options offered by wallpaper shops in Singapore nowadays. It is easy to choose one catered to your unique style.

4. Works in unconventional spaces

Wallpapers can be used almost anywhere from your walk-in wardrobe, hallways, or even the ceiling! Room size should not restrict you from using a wallpaper. For instance, you can apply a wallpaper in your bathroom, replacing the conventional use of tiles. In addition, the single-wall wallpaper technique can even create different “scenes” in your living space, such as a splashback, a virtual library, or a garden view.

5. Variety

Modern wallpapers go beyond decorating your home. They possess different properties, ranging from water-resistant, low VOC, soundproof, stain-resistant to thermal saving. Here are some of the innovative wallpapers:

  • FSC paper or recycled paper wallpaper

These wallpapers are made from recycled paper or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified paper. They contain fewer or even zero chemical components.

  • Low to zero VOC wallpaper

Some wallpapers are made with PVC that may leak volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This substance is harmful to our health, causing asthma, eye irritation and other side effects. Looking for wallpapers without PVC and VOC content ensures good air quality.

  • Water-based ink wallpaper

This wallpaper is usually printed with a good portion of water-based ink, avoiding chemical counterfeits.

  • Environmentally-friendly wallpaper

Many responsible wallpaper suppliers now offer environmentally-friendly wallpapers, varying from those that contain zero toxins, to others made from recycled materials and inks.

Wallskin Antibacterial wallpaper by Frekkles

At Frekkles, you can choose from an extensive range of designer wallpaper for your residential or office buildings. Call us today to find the perfect interior wallpaper design for your next renovation project!


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