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Maybe you’re wondering why we chose Frekkles as our brand name?

Well, it’s not just unique and easy to remember -

there’s a lot of reasons to love Frekkles
To many folks, freckles are unsightly, but to us they are fabulous!

Just like freckled skin can be beautiful and stunning if it’s brought out in the right way (look at fashion models Carissa Pinkston, Serena Motola, and Havana Rose Liu for proof of that!),

we at Frekkles believe in bringing out the beauty of a space with our custom wall coverings. 

‘F’ also stands for many things that our brand is all about: 

Frekkles Logo
Frekkles Logo
Frekkles Logo
Frekkles Logo
Frekkles Logo
Frekkles Logo
Frekkles Logo
Frekkles Logo
Frekkles Logo


let us help you tell the personal story of your family home with our custom wall coverings


how you will feel when you see the results the Frekkles team will bring to your home!

Fantasy & Fairytale

let us bring your fantasy and fairytales to life


we take the faith you put in our work very seriously, and we strive to bring you even more fantastic wall finishings


we bring your story home and it fits perfectly in your space 


we love seeing our clients happiness and smiles when our work is done


what our clients say when they see their stories brought to life in their homes and workspaces



we think of our clients like friends, not just customers


constantly up-to-date, on-trend, and adapting to meet the needs of our clients 

These are the Frekkles core values. And, just like those freckle-faced fashion models taking the world by storm,

we aim to stand out from the crowd and command attention with our work. 
Oh, I almost forgot - here’s one more ‘F’ that sums up our products and work...



“Sustainability is a redesign of the way we do things - and it happens in simple ways. That’s really the message we emphasize.”

FREKKLES is a specialised visual architectural agency with an extensive catalogue of wall covering products from the slick and stylish to the weird and wonderful and everything in between.


Our customised visual representation has enabled our principal design team to develop over two decades of transformative vision and idea of space and the art of living.

We offer a tailored service to our esteem client: from the conception to the finished product, each venture requires minute strategic reflection on the brand, their concept, the choice of material, the design on and about every visionary language and detail whilst keeping a human-sized company.


Our Motivation


Our goal is to represent the art of living through an intricate and engaging creative collaboration, together with our clients and partners. 

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