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 Decorative Accents and Trims 


We have a range of products that befit modern living, from decorative screens, frames, inlays, end cappings, cladding materials.....


Decorative Items



We provide a fully comprehensive decorative metalwork trim. Our aluminium products including inlay, furniture, fixtures and fittings are dispatched all over the world. We work with architects, interior designers, construction contractors and fit out companies, product designers and private clients on contemporary and historic projects where high standards and attention to detail are foremost. We are more than happy to guide your on-site contractors to ensure fitted products are applied correctly. With our extensive experience of processing and chemically treating metals, all our decorative trimming and associated decorative metal products can be treated to complement the finish that matches the style identity of the project. We house various colour palettes to match any finishes. Our fully equipped metal working facilities with both historic and state-of-the-art machinery, which means our skilled craftsmen can truly fulfil your decorative interior and architectural metalwork requirements.



Frekkles Trimming colours

No matter the style of your space, the trims of the series allow you to create a highly durable and decorative finishing for wall coverings and skirtings made of both tile or natural stone. Thanks to the wide variety of heights, finishes, and materials available, there are no limits to creativity when it comes to trims.

Frekkles range of trim profiles is available in a wide variety of profiles, finishes, and colours. The trims have easily snapped into profiles for easy positioning. The accessories design series are available in a variety of colour palettes and cover a broad range of materials.

48 colours 


Frekkles shopping Bag


Frekkles shopping Bag

We have various trims size & thicknesses like an internal corner, end cap, external corner, joining trims, framing and decorative trims. Our Aluminium Trims fit any panels and giving a nice neat finish. They are rust-resistant.


Using the range of trim in conjunction with the decorative border profiles, we offers the option of creating designer accents within panels installations, allowing you to create a unique look that works for you.



Decorative profile

Frekkles shopping Bag

picture / mirror frame

Frekkles offer several frame colours and profiles. As an example the possibility of choosing between black, silver and champagne colours allows you to perfectly match the mirror or artwork to the style of your home interior.  The personalized mirrors from the Frekkles collection are a combination of excellent design and innovative technologies that will bring everyday life to a whole new dimension.

Frekkles shopping Bag

Get in touch with us today for more information or view our full ranges of trims, edging and profiles for walls.


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