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Wallpaper Installation Services in Singapore

Our team of wallpaper hangers  

Specialist Wallpaper Adept Team


Every member of our team excels in working with high-end/specialist wallpaper requires skill, patience, time, and dedication 

Frekkles Squad is known for its range of high quality and beautiful living room wallpaper, bedroom wallpaper and even bathroom wallpaper. Our line of wallpaper for homes has already served thousands of homeowners in Singapore over the years. Apart from our quality products and solutions, what brings Frekkles closer to the heart of its customers is our reliable installation service for wallpapers for homes in Singapore. We install wallpapers for different parts of the house to help you have a neat and beautiful wall that is finished in no time. Contact us today to learn more about our installation services.



FREKKLES SQUAD is a team of professional wallpaper hangers working across Singapore and Malaysia. We work with high-end / specialist wallpaper, working with some of the top wallpaper brands we have built up a reputation as a reliable, friendly, and professional wallpaper hanger. Being a decade in the industry, our adept hangers provide these services by using superior quality tools alongside contemporary technology. The wallpaper hanging services performed are as per the variegated needs of our valuable clients. The wallpaper installation services we offer in Singapore and Malaysia are highly applauded by our clients due to our professionalism and flawlessness and smooth finishing. Moreover, clients can avail of these services from us at the most economical prices.

FREKKLES SQUAD has worked in a wide variety of properties which includes luxury homes, restaurants, showrooms, offices, shops, and more. No project is too big or too small for our team.


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Frekkles Wallpaper Installation Service

Who Are We?

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How We Perform the Wallpaper Hanging for You?

Specialist Wallpaper Hanging SingaporeOur Services Across Singapore and Malaysia

Staff Installing A Wallpaper in Singapore

We can help with any wallpaper services you need regardless of your requirements. We also help you to look for the best wallpaper type and pattern. Some basic ways to wallpaper installation procedures are as follows: Spackle and sandpaper the wall to smooth any imperfections, then apply a coat of wallpaper primer. While it dries, it is advisable to cover a long work table (or just the floor) with a plastic painter’s clean tarp. Make sure your hands are clean, too

Wallpaper strips should be arranged side by side on the floor to ensure that the pattern lines up correctly. Also, gently tape them together to temporarily secure them with painter’s tape. For shape making (as sconce backing plates or with the headboard), use a utility knife to cut it out on a cutting mat. Also, use a measuring tape to measure and a pencil to mark the points where the paper will be placed on the wall. For example, mark the sides of a rectangle or the top edge of a chair rail. Others can be done by our pros.

With years of experience in wallpaper hanging, we offer a bespoke but affordable luxury wallpaper hanging service to our residential and commercial customers. That includes the installation of fine quality wallcoverings, wallpaper hand prints, silks, fabrics, metallic wallpapers, natural fibre wallpaper, flocked & foil wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper, stickers or murals, and more.
Your project is your biggest investment, which is why we emphasize getting the job done right and leaving you with the perfect wallpaper you always wanted in your living space.
FREKKLES SQUAD is happy to offer advice at every stage of the design and installation of your wallpaper.



We offer a free estimate (which may require a site visit on larger projects) along with our wallpaper installation service in Singapore. Apart from that, you will also benefit from our expert knowledge and experience working within the industry on high-end wall coverings when you get our wallpaper services!

Our pros also help with residential and commercial wallpapering services, with a goal to ensure that your job is done right. For the best wallpaper installation services, complete our quick online form by inputting all the details of your needs. We are always happy to get a quote started for you as a professional wallpaper pro gets in touch with you very quickly

Type of Wallpaper

Engage Us Now For Your Wallpaper Renovation Task

  • How much does wallpaper cost in Singapore?
    There are various types of wallpaper available in our wallpaper shop in Singapore. We have luxury wallpapers, minimalistic designs as well as water-resistant wallpapers. The price of the wallpaper may vary depending on the type and design. Kindly reach out to us to inquire about a specific wallpaper you are interested in purchasing.
  • Is wallpaper suitable in Singapore?
    Yes. Singapore’s humid climate makes the daily weather conditions hot. This type of climate can easily crack paints or cause them to bubble. For this reason, buying wallpaper from a reliable wallpaper supplier is a good alternative to spice up your walls.
  • What is the most durable wallpaper?
    The durability of wallpaper depends on the thickness of the material as well as the room condition where you will install the wallpaper. For instance, should the room be often damped like the bathroom, regular wallpaper may not suffice so you should opt for the right type of wallpaper for durability.
  • How long can wallpaper last?
    Most wallpapers today are made of vinyl or have a plastic sheet coating that makes them easier to maintain. In general, you can expect a wallpaper to last for 15 years with proper maintenance. It can be replaced once the edges lose adhesive or the colour becomes dull.
  • Why should I consider getting wallpaper?
    Wallpaper is an easy-to-maintain alternative to paint. It also tends to last longer, especially the vinyl wallpapers available in wallpaper shops today. Wallpapers also come with lots of colours, patterns and designs that makes interior designing easier and more enjoyable.
  • Who can I hire to help with installing my wallpaper?
    Frekkles is a wallpaper supplier in Singapore that offers a wide range of wallpaper products as well as trusted wallpaper installation services for homes and offices alike. Should you need help in your wallpaper installation? Contact us today so we could assist you!
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