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Generic Wallpaper For Home



Keep it simple!

Elevate your decor with affordable home wallpapers in Singapore to bring more personality and elegance to your private space! Finding the best bedroom, kitchen or living room wallpaper is more simple and easy when you have the finest selections that fit your home. 


At FREKKLES, we offer a wide array of wallpapers for your home to spice up your interior design needs. Whether you like a minimalist living room wallpaper or an extravagant mural-style wallpaper for your bedroom, you can find the best designs for your taste from our collection and order them straight to your doorstep!



Generic Wallpaper

1. Pure Grace

3. Precious Velvet

5. Winter

7. Buagtti

9. Nomad

11. Memory

13. Blanche

2. Metallic Gold Leaves

4. Villa Grandeza

6. Wood Print

8. Affair

10. Escort

12. Elite

14. Emphasis

Contact us for any kind of wallpapers.

Non Woven Fibre 


Benefit 1 - Easy To Install and Remove

Benefit 2 - Environmentally Friendly

Benefit 3 – Washable

Benefit 4 – Breathable



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