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material specification 

Non-Woven Fibre 

A combination of both natural and synthetic fibres.


Benefit #1 - Easy To Install and Remove

Non-woven is a light paper backing that is easy to hang and easy to remove.
No worries about the material contracting or expanding too much over time.
Although lightweight, non-woven wallpaper is designed to be installed with continuous long flowing strips, top to bottom.
Imagine how important that is if you’ve had the ordeal of removing old wallpaper. The process quickly turns into a nightmare when the paper substrate starts to break apart and you have to peel and scrape it off the wall, inch by inch.

Benefit #2 - Environmentally Friendly

Non-vinyl wallpaper is better for the environment since no vinyl is used to produce it. Solid vinyl wallpaper has its core benefit of being durable, however, the vinyl (also known as PVC) manufacturing process is very hard on Mother Earth due to the chemicals released in the atmosphere.
The manufacturing process for non-woven paper produces no such chemicals thus making the manufacturing process more sustainable and greener overall. Non-woven is not 100% natural since a good amount of its material is synthetic but even these synthetic materials are far less taxing on the environment than any vinyl product. 

Benefit #3 – Washable

The special blend of natural and synthetic fibers makes non-woven wallpaper durable enough to be washable.
Cleaning wallpaper hasn't been possible as it is now. 
If you spill something on your kitchen wallpaper, simply wash it off with a damp soft cloth. In the past, that spill would permanently stain. You would either have to replace that section of the wall or live with it. Non-woven wallpaper is remarkably easy to keep clean.


Benefit # 4 – Breathable

Non-woven fibers addressed moldy problems because the material is made to breathe. This means moisture isn’t locked between the material and the wall surface, thus eliminating the problem of mold and mildew.  


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