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Transforming your home interior shouldn’t always need to be expensive. As an experienced wallpaper supplier in Singapore, FREKKLES SQUAD brings you a wide range of wallpapers for every part of your home or office. Consult a trusted wallpaper supplier to beautify your interiors today!

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The Leading Wallpaper Supplier in Singapore

Wall is the largest part of a property as skin is to the human body. Thus, the walls should be considered well when planning an interior design. Knowing this, our wallpaper shop hosts a wide array of designs for homes and offices in Singapore. As a reliable wallpaper supplier, FREKKLES caters to many types of wallpaper in the market today from designers, acoustic and personalised wallpaper, you will not run out of options. Apart from this, we are also offering trusted wallpaper installation services exclusively for you.


Frekkles is a reliable and trusted wallpaper supplier that offers quality products and services to make the most out of your home or office renovation. Find your preferred designs and enjoy a stress-free and effortlessly stunning home and office transformation today!

Your One-Stop Wallpaper Shop in Singapore

Designer wallpapers offer great convenience and are gaining popularity today as they can readily be installed without using wallpaper glue. Wallpapers for home in Singapore are a popular option for refurbishing your interior walls. Frekkles, is one of the leading wallpaper suppliers in Singapore, offering a wide range of wallpapers to suit any taste or need. Our designer series is perfect for bedrooms, while our waterproof designs will keep your bathroom looking its best! With us, as one-stop business providing installation services across Singapore - there's no better choice than us.

Looking for a reliable wallpaper supplier in Singapore? Contact FREKKLES, the best online wallpaper shop today!

  • How much does wallpaper cost in Singapore?
    There are various types of wallpaper available in our wallpaper shop in Singapore. We have luxury wallpapers, minimalistic designs as well as water-resistant wallpapers. The price of the wallpaper may vary depending on the type and design. Kindly reach out to us to inquire about a specific wallpaper you are interested in purchasing.
  • Is wallpaper suitable in Singapore?
    Yes. Singapore’s humid climate makes the daily weather conditions hot. This type of climate can easily crack paints or cause them to bubble. For this reason, buying wallpaper from a reliable wallpaper supplier is a good alternative to spice up your walls.
  • What is the most durable wallpaper?
    The durability of wallpaper depends on the thickness of the material as well as the room condition where you will install the wallpaper. For instance, should the room be often damped like the bathroom, regular wallpaper may not suffice so you should opt for the right type of wallpaper for durability.
  • How long can wallpaper last?
    Most wallpapers today are made of vinyl or have a plastic sheet coating that makes them easier to maintain. In general, you can expect a wallpaper to last for 15 years with proper maintenance. It can be replaced once the edges lose adhesive or the colour becomes dull.
  • Why should I consider getting wallpaper?
    Wallpaper is an easy-to-maintain alternative to paint. It also tends to last longer, especially the vinyl wallpapers available in wallpaper shops today. Wallpapers also come with lots of colours, patterns and designs that makes interior designing easier and more enjoyable.
  • Who can I hire to help with installing my wallpaper?
    Frekkles is a wallpaper supplier in Singapore that offers a wide range of wallpaper products as well as trusted wallpaper installation services for homes and offices alike. Should you need help in your wallpaper installation? Contact us today so we could assist you!
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