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Benefits Of Using An Eco-Friendly & Anti-Bacterial Protective Finish For Your Home Wallpapers

Benefits Of Using An Eco-Friendly & Anti-Bacterial Protective Finish For Your Home Wallpapers

Many are unaware of bacteria buildup on their wallpapers, especially when they are unnoticeable. Such bacteria leads to consequences that should not be overlooked. Not only does it negatively impact air quality, it also brings about a myriad of hygiene concerns. Represented by Frekkles, the WALLSILK®ANTIBACTERIAL protective finish is an impressive feature that empowers a germ-free living space. Continue reading to explore the benefits of using an eco-friendly and anti-bacterial protective finish like WALLSILK®ANTIBACTERIAL for your home wallpapers.

1. Eliminates bacteria at 99.9%

Antibacterial protective finish like WALLSILK®ANTIBACTERIAL prevents your wallpapers from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria whether they are used at home or elsewhere. Bacteria that come into contact with this surface are eliminated at 99.9%. WALLSILK®ANTIBACTERIAL is a two-component formulation with anti-proliferation of bacterial action that can be applied to an installed wallpaper. Bacteria cannot develop on the surface as the finish creates an unfavorable environment for them to survive and grow.

2. Healthier home environment

Using eco-friendly and anti-bacterial protective finish also improves your home environment. Harmful germs cannot breed on your wall or wallpaper thanks to the coating. WALLSILK®ANTIBACTERIAL contains rich silver salts, disinfectant, and antibacterial metal. All of these provide a 'natural' germicidal action, which promotes a cleaner home environment and reduces the likelihood of falling ill.

When it comes to wallpaper installation, aesthetics tend to be the main focus, however, functionality is just as important to maximise value. With the innovative WALLSILK®ANTIBACTERIAL protective finish, abrasions are no longer a cause for concern. The wear and tear of friction caused by repetitive wallpaper rubbing can be avoided with the material’s abrasion resistant properties.

4. Water repellent

WALLSILK®ANTIBACTERIAL protective finish comes with some degree of water resistance. Therefore, fully sanitising your walls is made possible with this feature.

Water repellent wallpaper for home Singapore

4. Eco-friendly

Nowadays, green products are key for sustainable interior decoration. Wallpaper suppliers are jumping on the bandwagon to create eco-friendly goods for consumers. For instance, the PVC-free WALLSILK®ANTIBACTERIAL protective finish. Certified products like these promote well-being and living comfort.

Using eco-friendly and anti-bacterial protective finish is undoubtedly beneficial for your wallpapers and living environment. Nonetheless, introducing the use of liquid-based protective finish adds on to those advantages.

Liquid coatings ensure greater durability and more appealing appearance of wallpapers. You may need to consider the wallpaper’s material and the environment the coating should withstand. Application of two or three layers of protective finish is recommended to guarantee good results. In addition, it is crucial to determine whether the wallpaper is suitable and able to absorb the liquid. You may run a test first before applying the coating, preferably on unused pieces of wallpaper after the wallpapering process, to find out if it works well.

As an experienced wallpaper supplier in Singapore, Frekkles offers various wallpapers for every part of your home or office. Keen to spruce up your wall? Call us now to find out more.

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