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How To Maintain Your Home's Wallpapers So They Last As Long As Possible

How To Maintain Your Home's Wallpapers So They Last As Long As Possible

Wallpapers for the home allow owners to tailor their interiors to a specific theme or design, giving time-starved city dwellers a hassle free option of styling their living spaces. However, a common mistake most make is not maintaining them well, resulting in discolouration with prolonged exposure to dust, sunlight and moisture. With the time, money, and effort invested to have your wallpaper installed, it is natural you’d want to ensure it stays looking new and fresh for as long as possible. Frekkles is a leading supplier of wallpapers for homes in Singapore, and we’ve put together some ways you can maintain the lifespan of your wallpapers.

Dry or wet cleaning methods

Vacuuming using a soft brush attachment is one of the most efficient ways to clean your walls. Doing so aids in removing dust without requiring too much exertion, with the brush attachment being gentle enough to avoid accidental wallpaper. Alternatively, a damp microfiber cloth may also be used for the upkeep of your wallpapers, starting with the top and working your way downwards, covering a few panels at a time.

Remove stains immediately with soapy water

Remove stains immediately with soapy water wallpaper for home

As time passes, stains and dirt may accumulate on your living room wallpaper as a result of splashes, hand prints, and pencil or crayon marks for those with little ones. Immediate spot cleaning using a mixture of water and a few drops of soap will be sufficient to ensure your wallpaper’s surface looks clean and shiny again.

Avoid abrasive or aggressive chemical cleaners that can scratch the wallpaper’s protective layer. Chemical cleaners are also not recommended as these can cause a reaction, leading to discoloration spots. It is also advisable to refrain from over-wetting the surface of the wallpaper, and to first try out the cleaning solution in a small inconspicuous area to prevent any possible damage.

Lower humidity levels

Lower humidity levels wallpaper for home

Living in a humid climate like ours in Singapore should not prevent one from installing wallpapers for your home. While some homeowners might be concerned about their wallpapers peeling off, or the formation of mould, maintaining low humidity levels and good ventilation can in fact safeguard you from these incidents.

For wallpapers in the bathroom, installing a shower screen is a great way to minimise heat and humidity from reaching the wallpapered areas. Be sure to also have an exhaust fan installed, or keep your bathroom window open when showering.

Correct installation

The use of unsuitable adhesive is the main reason behind peeling wallpapers. Therefore, wallpaper installation should be done using a high-quality primer to prep and fill the walls, as well as an adhesive treatment allowing the wallpaper to expand naturally in humid conditions without tearing.

Great for making your home unique and personal, it isn’t hard to see why wallpapers for homes in Singapore are fast increasing in popularity. We hope these tips will be useful in maintaining the longevity of your wallpapers, providing your home with the perfect finishing touches for years to come.

Freckles is a leading and reliable wallpaper shop in Singapore that takes pride in offering quality products and services for your home. Reach out to our team to find out more!