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Should You Create a Chic Looks After New Normal? And that Don’t Cost the Earth

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

The Answer is YES! Is time to feel rejuvenate.

Creating an opulent look for your interiors doesn’t have to be expensive - all you need are some tips and tricks for glamming up your space on a budget.

We’re going to give you the lowdown on creating an affordable fresh vibe through your interior space so that you can create a home that is the envy of everyone!

Always Choose Quality over Quantity

One mistake many people make is to buy less expensive furnishings because they can get more for their money. This is often a false economy, as budget items tend to be made of lower-grade materials and will need replacing more often than an item made with care and better-quality material.

Think of electrical appliances - those that are more energy-efficient are generally more expensive to buy, but they will save you money on your electric and water bills over the years.

The same thing applies when it comes to your beds and mattresses. A good mattress will give you better sleep and make it less likely you’ll need to spend money on doctor fees for a bad back, stiff neck, or aching bones.

It’s no different when it comes to furnishing and decorating your home. If you set more money aside to give yourself a higher budget, then it will work out more economical in the long run. Wallcoverings are one example of a good investment because they are durable and stay looking beautiful for a long time, meaning you don’t have to replace them so often.

Use Art to Enlighten

Art can be used cleverly in your interiors to tell a story through your design, and you can really have fun with using your imagination in the kind of art you choose.

Nothing adds life to a space like some well-chosen artwork, and you can use bold elements to show your interior at its best. Alternatively, you can invest in customized wallcoverings if you want to give your walls a unique, personal look.

Hang your art to make a focal point in the room. Every interior will benefit from a focal point, and it will give your visitors something interesting to talk about. This look is chic and high-impact without any hassle. If you’re unsure about what will suit your space best, the Frekkles team can help with customizing artwork to blend with your existing decor.

Use Reflective Surfaces to Add Light and Dimension

You can create an illusion of a larger living space with some well-placed mirrors. They also lighten up any dull areas as they reflect natural sunlight back into the space.

Reflective surfaces add depth and dimension to a room, so consider going for some reflective design elements.

Invest in Green

Flowers and plants will immediately give any room a lift. Real flowers and plants look the best, but if that’s not for you, then invest in some good-quality faux floral. Choose some nice vases to really show them off to their best, or buy some arrangements in baskets.

Pot plants come in all shapes and sizes, from tall and dramatic to small and delicate. Again, if you don’t have the time to look after living plants choose some realistic-looking faux ones.

The importance of flowers and plants in interior design is sometimes underestimated, but they are a simple and subtle way of making a design statement. They also add charm and warmth to a room, their cheerful presence infuses a space with colour and vitality.

They can form a part of a table setting, or be used to dress an otherwise dull mantelpiece or window sill. Flowers are versatile - they adapt to varied contexts from a discreet finishing touch to a full and lush centrepiece display.

Flowers and other greenery are often a well-deserved and indulgent treat - flowers make you feel good and can lift your mood as well as bringing something of the outdoors inside your home. Real pot plants can help to improve indoor air quality too, so that may lead to less health issues for you and your family.

Choose flowers to set the mood of your interior, from romantic roses to minimalist orchid stems. If you decide to get flowers, then remember that the display has to be full and lush. If it’s a sparse or flimsy layout then it can look cheap.

Opt for Plush

Nothing says luxury more than plush finishes! Velvety throws and cushions or a deep plush rug will add an opulent style to your living areas.

Go for Metallic Finishes

Metallics look super chic and add that touch of richness to your space. You can place some well-chosen metallic products used as accessories, or even opt for a glittering wall covering to layer up the luxe like Chanel.

Fashionable metallics and iridescent finishes can transform a palette. Rose gold, copper, and chrome, or pewter, bronze, and brass add a metallic pop that really sizzles. Mix and match your metallics with confidence for an amazing look.

Add a Distinctive Feel with Wallcoverings

Whether you opt for general or customised wallcoverings, this material can instantly add a distinctive feel and make your surroundings feel more upmarket.

Wallcoverings have a tendency to reflect light, which makes it a good choice for adding warmth and depth to your room. You can use wallcoverings in every room if you wish - a signature wall creates a focal point and adds a timeless value to your home.

Window Treatment

For a streamlined and luxurious look in your bedroom, why not opt for floor to ceiling interlined blackout curtains?

Hang the curtains high to visually elevate your ceiling height, and add grandeur and glamour to your room. If you are going to be using a lot of fabric, choose plain or lightly patterned material to avoid it looking heavy, overbearing, or brash. Remember, less is more!


Modern wardrobes are usually customized and in-built to suit your individual needs. Go for the maximum amount of storage - you can never have too much. The more hidden-from-view places that you have to store your things, the better.

Think of hotel rooms - their wardrobes have generous amounts of space for storing things in.

If you don’t want your wardrobes to look bulky and intrude visually into the room, you can paint them the same color as your walls so that they blend into the background.

Alternatively, you can use wallpaper on your wardrobe doors. A natural textile wallcovering or beautifully textured vinyl will add a touch of luxury.

Eliminate to Elevate

Part of what makes a home look welcoming and luxurious is the lack of clutter. Clutter distracts from the aesthetics of your interiors and makes everything look untidy. It can also make you feel depressed and demotivated - another good reason for getting rid of it!

Go through your stuff and throw away or give away any clutter that has built up in your rooms. Consider buying extra cabinets for functional storage, so that the untidy parts of our everyday life are hidden from view.

Marie Kondo method mandates that you only keep the items that bring you joy.

“Does it spark joy?”

Use Small Accessories to Add Interest

Small accessories can really add a luxurious finish to your rooms, and they don’t have to cost a fortune.

Scented candles look and smell good, and provide a flattering evening glow. Use some pretty perfume bottles as a styling tool that gives a glamorous look to your space.

A Few Final Words

You may have thought that a glam interior look was out of your financial reach, but with these tips and tricks of the trade, you too can wow all your friends and family with a beautiful and chic home!

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