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Why Customised Wall-coverings Will Transform Your Space?

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

From Sweet and Subtle to Big and Bold:


Why should you consider getting customised wall coverings?

There’s a lot of reasons, and they all make good sense.

As standards of living get higher, more people want high-end and on-trend interior design options. With the arrival of coronavirus and the circuit breaker in Singapore, queuing outside furniture stores is no longer an option - but we can revamp our walls for the latest looks.

With a bespoke wall, you get the chance to stamp your own personality on your space. Your friends, family, and work colleagues will be amazed by your feature wall and not notice how your furniture or curtains look!

Feature walls can tell any story you want them to, and they make a great talking point with guests and colleagues too. Lots of people live in homes or apartments that look identical to each other from the outside, but with a feature wall they can stand out from their neighbours.

The Only Limit is Your Imagination

Designers are harnessing technology to create amazing wall-coverings. The graphics are first-class, with vivid colours, sharp detail, and beautiful textures. How about an industrial look with riveted metals, or nature and botanical scenes? Bring the outside into your city home with forests and waterfalls, or why not create a wall-covering that shows off ​your ​ individuality, or contains elements that are portent to you?

With customised wall coverings, your teenagers will no longer bug you about their boring walls, and you can lighten the mood in your study room instantly with a feature wall - pleasant surroundings can inspire you and give you a sense of well-being instead of staring at a row of boring cupboards or plain walls.

When someone mentions ‘feature wall’ to you, do you immediately think of loud, garish, and screaming for attention walls? It’s a common misconception that feature walls need to assault your senses with jarring colours and patterns!

Those who want an impactful, yet understated and beautifully calm feature wall can have exactly what they want. If you’re mad about Fengshui but don’t want to shout it from the rooftops (or your walls, in this case!), can have elements artfully blended inside modern, customised artwork.

If you are a fan of geometric or botanical designs but don’t want to be loud and flashy, then you can get exactly what you want with the right artwork and materials to create a beautiful aesthetic inside your space.

Flexible Usage of Space and Furniture is Becoming Important

One of the trends that COVID-19 has shaped is the need for multi-functional areas in the home.

Many of us have had to adapt to working from home, where a bedroom is no longer just a place to sleep - it needs to function as a multi-purpose space for reading, exercising, or working.

Because we are doing all these activities in one space, it becomes important to define the different areas we do them in, or we can end up muddled and disoriented when one activity intrudes upon the area of another.

Customized feature walls are a great way to define your separate spaces. Use different designs to suit each activity, or different wall covering materials - the possibilities are endless!

If you like your current interior design but can’t find the right artwork to match, then the Frekkles team are able to create amazing customized framed artwork to suit any interior. We will work with you to create the living space of your dreams!

Whether it’s your home or your business premises, no interior scheme is complete without a feature wall to make a statement and command the right sort of attention.

Why Choose Wallpaper?

Wallpaper can work for everybody! All it needs is some thought and care in choosing the right ones for you - and having it installed properly, of course.

You and your wallpaper can have a long and happy relationship, and it can be quickly removed if the day should ever come that you want to change it.

Bring Your Story to Life

Customized wallcoverings allow your unique personality to shine. Careful design and the right materials will bring your walls to life, and let you tell your personal story - whatever it may be!

Set the Correct Mood

Use bespoke wall coverings to set the tone you choose. You could have relaxing and peaceful wallpaper in your bedroom, bright and active colors and patterns in your exerc

ise space, motivational and energizing in your workplace - the possibilities are endless.

Walls that Work with Your Branding

If you are looking for wallcoverings for your business or retail premises, then you can create harmony with your branding colors with bespoke wallpaper. This creates a feeling of consistency and professionalism within your commercial spaces.

Your interior walls offer you a compelling way to make your brand stand out. They can provide effective messages to reinforce your brand values and grab your customer’s attention.

Custom wallcoverings are not just for corporate offices - if you run a casual dining restaurant you can use the walls to tell the story of your dishes or show just how good your food is. If you are in the hospitality business, you can brighten up dull areas and get your brand message across at the same time.

Another idea for hotels is to use customized wallpaper to tell the story of your street or district - or why not tell the story of Singapore itself? This is a great way to connect your hotel with an area in a guest’s mind and cement your brand identity.

Customizable Wallcoverings Suit Everyone

Wallcoverings are one of the easiest ways to make a big impact in your space - they upgrade your aesthetics quickly and cost-effectively.

In fact, customizable wallpaper can make everyone happy in your home! Your wife/husband and kids can all choose their wallcoverings to suit their individual tastes and no one is arguing about what wallcoverings to choose.

If you do a lot of Zoom or Skype meetings, then impress your callers with your unique style. I’m sure you’ve seen some not-very-nice backgrounds on other people’s video calls - be the one with the funky or beautiful background that others wish they had!

Customizable wallcoverings also make great talking points - if you have an interesting story to tell with your bespoke wallpaper, then others will be interested and intrigued.

If you are lucky enough to be a regular feature in gossip columns, then your customizable wallcoverings could be the talk of the town. Set the trend with your own bold statements or elegantly understated wall designs.

Also, when you have a statement wall you need only simple yet elegant furniture and curtains so you can save money on your furnishings. Feature walls keep your room looking interesting - no more staring at boring walls that make you feel down!

When you do feel like it’s time to refresh your room, a change of curtains or bedsheets will renew and brighten your space without having to spend a fortune on repainting and redecorating.

For retail and commercial spaces, it is faster, easier - and cheaper - to do a facelift of wallcoverings than have to renovate the whole shop when your lease is up.

Funk Up Your Furniture

Customizable wallcoverings aren’t just for walls. They work brilliantly on furniture like wardrobes and cabinets to give your home decor a fresh new look at a fraction of the cost of buying new furniture.

Well, there we have it - lots of great reasons why you should consider getting customizable wallcoverings. We may be at home for a while, both for work and for play, so let’s make the most of our spaces while staying safe.

The sky really is the limit when it comes to decorating your personal and workspace -

Let your creativity fly with some bespoke walls!

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