Wall Stickers Vs Wallpapers: The Pros & Cons

Wall Stickers Vs Wallpapers: The Pros & Cons

Thinking of sprucing up your home walls but unsure if wall stickers or wallpapers are for you? While either one will make a gorgeous addition to any plain wall, it is also understandable to feel a little confused as to which is the best option since they both have their pros and cons.

In this article, we will be delving deeper into the advantages and disadvantages of wall stickers and wallpapers for the home so you can make more informed decisions according to your needs.

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More about wall stickers and wallpapers?

Wall decor stickers, just like the name suggests, come in a variety of designs and can be affixed to a wall for decoration purposes. Similarly, wallpapers are also meant to add pizzazz to a home’s interior but most homeowners prefer installing it on the entire wall whereas wall stickers are mostly applied to a certain part of the wall.

However, some of the biggest differences between the two are durability (wallpapers tend to be more long-lasting), cost (wall stickers are usually more affordable), and application method.

Pros and cons of wall stickers

Wall Decor Stickers



Wall stickers are easy to remove simply by using soapy water, a blow dryer or adhesive remover - making them great for people renting a house and hoping to inject some personality into the interior design without damaging the walls

Bright and dark-coloured wall stickers may bleed and stain walls, especially when using water or a blow dryer to remove them.

Wall stickers are more affordable compared to wallpapers so if you are on a budget but want to have an accent wall instead of a plain, painted wall, then wall stickers are something to consider.

Wall stickers do not last as long as wallpapers and may pucker and shrink if they come into contact with direct sunlight for long periods of time.

Just like how they are easy to remove, wall stickers are also easier to apply since the area to focus on is smaller and hence, requires less time and effort. This is also perfect if you like changing things up once in a while.

Your wall will have to be in good condition, such as no cracks or uneven painting, as the wall stickers will not be able to cover any imperfections.

Most companies that produce wall stickers offer them in a great variety of designs, ranging from graphics to wordings, so regardless of your preferences, you will always find something you like.

Pros and cons of wallpapers

Wall Paint Sticker Design



Unlike wall stickers, wallpapers are perfect for hiding any imperfections on your walls as the texture, pattern and design are able to seamlessly blend right into any of those flaws.

Wallpapers are usually more expensive than wall stickers.

As technology advances, wallpapers have also evolved and can now withstand wear and tear for longer periods of time, making them more long-lasting.

Removing wallpapers is harder and doing it yourself without the right tools may risk damaging your walls.

Wallpapers are also extremely versatile. Did you think they were only suitable to be installed in dry areas? Well, waterproof wallpapers are a thing and can be used in the bathroom as well!

Wallpapers are also harder to remove so you will need to think twice before deciding on a design as it will not be easy to remove and replace.

Although wallpapers are more expensive than wall stickers, they will still be more cost-effective in the long run as they do not require touch-ups, unlike paint that needs re-painting every few years.

Just like wall stickers, wallpapers are also available in a wide array of designs, textures and colours for you to choose from that will fit right into any interior design.

The bottom line

The pros of having wall stickers and wallpapers certainly outweigh the cons so if you are looking for something different aside from paint, they are something to consider.

A general rule of thumb is to evaluate whether your lifestyle, interior design needs and budget fit before making your final decision.

Get in touch with us here at Frekkles to find out more about our range of wall stickers and wallpapers. Our wall stickers leave no residue behind, do not shrink and are weatherproof while our wallpapers are available in different designs and suitable for use in different areas of your home.

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