Waterproof Bathroom Wallpapers: What Are They, Their Benefits & How To Incorporate Them

Updated: Apr 28

What Are the Benefits of Waterproof Bathroom Wallpapers

Wallpapers for the home is no longer seen as a fad, but rather, a stylish and long-lasting alternative for homeowners who want to venture out of the mundane painted walls. However, there are still many who do not know that waterproof wallpapers for the bathroom exist too, thanks to the belief that paper should never come into contact with water.

Well, the good news is that wallpapers in the bathroom work perfectly well too! In this article, we will be covering more about what waterproof wallpapers are, their benefits, as well as how to incorporate them into the bathroom.

Read on to find out more.

What are waterproof wallpapers for the bathroom?

Waterproof wallpapers are typically made with modern adhesive compounds that help to create a water-resistant membrane, making it suitable for installation anywhere in the bathroom. Some also use special technical rolls, smooth finishing and an added coating to make these wallpapers extra durable and suitable for use in the bathroom without resulting in damages, bubbling and mould.

What are the benefits of using waterproof wallpapers in the bathroom?

Waterproof Bathroom Wallpaper

Although tiles are the preferred choice for most homeowners, waterproof wallpapers are slowly gaining traction due to these benefits.

Help to retain heat

Certain waterproof wallpapers made of a fiberglass material can help to regulate heat loss, making it more cost-effective for you as there is no need to constantly adjust the heater when showering especially if you usually spend a long time in the toilet.

Easy cleaning

Grout lines between wall tiles tend to trap dirt and grime, turning into mould as time goes by. But with waterproof wallpapers for the bathroom, there is no need to dread scrubbing the grout lines till your arms ache - saving both time and effort.


Waterproof wallpapers can be installed anywhere in the bathroom from the dry to the wet area with zero worries as they are designed to be water-resistant even in direct contact with falling waters! Thus, you have endless options to design your dream bathroom with.


Stand out from the crowd with wallpapers adorning your bathroom walls instead of the usual paint or tiles. The wide range of designs and colours available for selection will help you to unleash your inner creativity to come up with something truly yours.

How can you incorporate waterproof wallpapers into your bathroom?

Waterproof Wallpaper for Bathrooms

Now that you understand more about what waterproof wallpapers are and their benefits, the last step before you commit is to plan how you would prefer incorporating them into your bathroom. Here are some tips to take inspiration from:

1. Create a feature wall

Just like how a feature wall is used to make a certain area of a room pop, the same can be done for your bathroom. Select one of the walls in your bathroom to be the feature wall and choose a wallpaper in a brighter or darker hue, or with a more eye-catching design compared to the rest of your walls to add pizzaz.

2. Hide imperfections

Does the wall in your bathroom have unsightly cracks or lines? If yes, get waterproof wallpapers with patterns or textures to hide any of these imperfections seamlessly, as if they were never there in the first place.

3. Go for half walls

If you do not wish to entirely abstain from having tiles in your bathroom, a win-win solution is to go for half walls where the first half is laid with wallpaper and the other half with tiles. This is a popular interior design style so you get the best of both worlds.

We recommend hiring professionals for your wallpaper installation so all you have to do is sit back and relax while they do everything for you. The end result will also look better as compared to doing it yourself.

Shop a range of waterproof wallpapers for the bathroom on the Frekkles website, an online wallpaper shop in Singapore.

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