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Frekkles Anti-Bacterial
Frekkles Anit-bacterical
Watercolor Shape

Bacteria cannot be developed on WALLSILK®ANTIBACTERIAL and eliminated at 99.9%.


WallPepper®/Group wallpapers represent valid decorative support to reply aesthetic and functional needs of any project, both residential and Industrial. Conforming with corporate philosophy for offering real advantages through research for sustainable materials, WallPepper®/Group has created an innovative protective product with real antibacterial features.

Always caring about contemporary living needs and its evolution, WallPepper®/Group, now provides an innovative protective finish WALLSILK®ANTIBACTERIAL: a two-component formulation with anti-proliferation of bacterial action which can be used onto already applied wallpaper. Bacteria in contact with surfaces treated with WALLSILK®ANTIBACTERIAL cannot develop, they are eliminated at 99.9%. The antimicrobial protective's properties are possible thanks to its composition enriched with silver salts, antibacterial metal, and disinfectant which has a 'natural' germicidal action. The innovative WALLSILK®ANTIBACTERIAL will be used also over our special systems - WP/Acoustic, WP/Strong, and WP/H2O

Moreover, WALLSILK®ANTIBACTERIAL protective product allows complete sanitization of walls, for maximum prevention and protection even into environments with real difficulties. Excellent abrasion resistance, water repellency, good resistance to solvents, and opaque appearance are just some of WALLSILK®ANTIBACTERIAL’s features.

Quality of materials – natural, eco-friendly, PVC free, and certified - creativity, technology, and sustainability join safety to define walls from any environment. Safety becomes a value in coming into the world of sustainability even for interior decoration.

Not only surprising and exciting graphics, WallPepper®/Group offers, at the same time, reliable solutions for decorating and living environments in total safety and thus offering consumers and designers cutting-edge and certified solutions, with higher quality standards, to ensure healthy spaces. Thanks to the WALLSILK®ANTIBACTERIAL protective, WallPepper®/Group wallpapers confirm their quality as a valid tool to bring to the walls of any space, residential or contract, amazing images, capable of 'spreading' well-being and living comfort. 

WallPepper®/Group, bacteria-proof wallpapers

Health meets the wall

Frekkles wallpaper

wiped clean and are also quite easy to strip if needed.


This type of material is similar to Printed Paper but has a thin clear plastic topcoat applied to it during manufacture. This then makes it water and stain-resistant.

The plastic coating can withstand sponging and washing, gentle rubbing but not scrubbing, or use of abrasives.

As with printed wallpapers, these can also be textured or embossed. These material types are ideal for steamy/humid conditions such as bathrooms or kitchens.

The main drawback with this type of paper is that it is rather difficult to remove due to the plastic coating preventing water from penetrating and softening the paste.

However, if you score or mark the paper somehow before soaking it with a wallpaper softening agent and use a steam stripper and a scraper, you can get it off much easier.


This form of the material consists of a vinyl plastic film onto which the design is printed, rather than printed on paper and then coated. As with the other paper types this can also be textured or embossed and in some cases can have a metallic effect.

The combination of this creates a wall covering that is much tougher and hard-wearing than a washable paper. Stains and marks can be scrubbed away and removed, but only if the paper was hung correctly. You have to be careful when cleaning so as not to lift the seams by over soaking them.

Many of these kinds of wallpaper come ready-pasted and, due to their plastic layer, are extremely easy to strip away, leaving the only paper backing on the wall which can be easily scraped or scrubbed off the wall.

Ideal locations for this type of wallpaper include hallways, landings, a child’s room, staircases, and any areas prone to contact, brushing, and scraping as due to their hard-wearing nature less likely to become damaged and are easily cleaned.

Due to the advantages listed, these types of wallpaper tend to be much more expensive than the general type and of a higher quality.

Frekkles Vinyl Wallpaper
Non Woven Wallpaper


Not only pleasing to the eyes ...

The characteristics of the non-woven wallpaper is determined by the textiles fibers contained in the wallpaper pulp. The textile fibers makes the strips of wallpaper easy to work with and as strong as money banknotes - they're actually made of the same non-woven material. 

The fibers of the wallpaper allows moisture to pass through the walls to breathe. therefore any damp patches will disappear within about a day as soon as the mural wallpaper has dried. 

Frekkles Acoustoc wallpaper


Not only pleasing to the eyes ...

New and innovative product sound-absorbing and sound insulating material, designed to decorate and at the same time improve the acoustic well-being of the rooms, favouring sound and operating instead on the diffusion of is applicable both to walls and ceilings, smartly it differentiating sound from noise and reducing reverberation.  The high absorption capacity of the material also reduces the noise from outside and leakage of those issued in a system ideal for contract situations, hotels, health care, schools, restaurants. The system consists of special 3mm thick woven fiberglass sheets.


Bathroom and Kitchen


Bring the colours and emotions of wallpaper graphics everywhere, even behind the kitchen stove or in the shower. The artworks are also in areas in contact with running water or with high humidity levels. Technical sheets are composed of special technical fabric and high-density fibreglass together with a special protective, which is breathable and water-resistant.

Recommended for installation in the shower area, above the bathtub, inside SPAs, swimming pool, and in all those environments in direct contact with falling waters - you can decorate your spaces without worries.

Frekkles water proof wallpaper


The solution for outdoor decoration


To bring the  WALLPEPPER® / GROUP images on the exterior walls and in all environments where there is contact with the atmospheric agents: creativity has no limits and the facades of any building can become message vehicles.   Suitable for exteriors. 

Textured glass fiber with protective finish tested to resist UV rays and bad weather.

PROTECTIVE WallSilk® / Sol

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