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Wallpaper Selection Tips for a Small Home

Wallpaper Selection Tips for a Small Home

Wallpapers are versatile interior design elements that can transform any room in your home; they can turn boring spaces into interesting and visually stimulating interiors, or create a cosy and warm environment for relaxation. Even in small apartments, choosing the right living room wallpaper can make all the difference in making your home appear larger and more spacious. Simply follow these simple tips when purchasing wallpapers for your home.

1. Choose Vertical Designs for Taller Walls

Choose Vertical Designs for Taller Walls-Wallpaper for Home Singapore

An effective way to make a small space appear larger is to create the illusion of height, which can be achieved by using wallpaper printed with vertically-arranged designs, such as vertical stripes. This draws the eye upward to make the wall look taller, which can also help generate a sense of grandeur and expansiveness. You can choose to apply the same wallpaper to your ceilings to enhance its effect.

2. Widen the Space with Horizontal Designs

If you want to make your small rooms appear wider instead of taller, consider using wallpapers with horizontal patterns to trick the eye into perceiving the room as larger than it actually is. These designs draw your eye from side to side rather than up and down to create the illusion of a wider space. Horizontal lines also make your walls appear longer, which can make your room feel more spacious.

3. Choose Wallpaper with Tiny Prints

Less is often more when it comes to small spaces. While large motifs and designs make a statement, they can make small rooms feel cluttered and overwhelming. Instead, choose wallpaper with tiny prints to create an illusion of more space and depth. The small-scale pattern makes the wall seem farther away, and creates a sense of continuity. It can also be more forgiving when it comes to flaws and imperfections in walls, as they are less likely to draw attention to them. Alternatively, you can create your own unique wall design with wall decor stickers.

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4. Opt for Bright Colours

Opt for Bright Colours-Wallpaper for Home Singapore

When choosing wallpaper for your small home, it’s important to choose brightly-coloured ones that can reflect more light. They create an airy atmosphere to make a room feel more open, and the illusion of a bigger space. Some colours to consider include pastel colours such as light yellows, sky blues, and pinks, as well as neutral colours such as creams and whites.

5. Choose Scenic Designs

Wallpapers with scenic designs, such as landscapes, can help create depth and perspective in a small room to make it feel larger and more spacious. This is because these wallpapers typically feature expansive views that can trick the eye and draw the eye outward; rather than focusing on the limited physical space of the room, the viewer's attention is drawn to the scenes depicted on the wallpaper.

In addition to these tips, it's important to consider the overall style of your home when choosing wallpaper. Also, avoid installing too many wallpaper of distinct styles and colour as it can disrupt cohesion, break up the home interior, and make your home look smaller instead.

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