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A Complete Guide to Getting Wallpapers for Your Home in Singapore

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

A Complete Guide to Getting Wallpapers for Your Home in Singapore

Ever experienced stepping into a showroom or someone’s newly renovated home and instantly felt yourself falling in love with the interior design? Well, the good news is emulating something similar for your own abode is possible, as long as more thought and effort are put into the design process.

Good interior design does not just play a huge role in transforming a space into an aesthetically pleasing one but can also affect how you feel about living in your home. For instance, colour choices have an influence on your mood while different materials used around the house give off varying vibes.

Although a variety of factors - ranging from furniture to decorative items - make up the overall interior design of your house, the walls can be said to be one of the most important aspects to take note of. After all, walls surround all parts of the house and are so large that they command attention.

Instead of choosing paint colours, why not take things up a notch by selecting wallpaper for your home? Wallpapers are trendy as they help to instantly spruce up a mundane-looking house, but have many other benefits as well.

If you are not sure whether opting for wallpapers is the right choice, this guide might just change your mind.

Keep reading to find out about interior wallpaper designs for the home, the advantages, considerations to keep in mind and many more.

Part 2 - Everything you need to know about wallpapers for the home

2.1 What are wallpapers and why are they better than paint?

Wallpapers, as their name suggests, are large sheets of wall coverings that come in a wide range of shades, textures, patterns and designs. They are treated to make them suitable for different environments and temperatures before installation.

Although wallpapers can be incorporated into a variety of spaces such as restaurants and shops, they are also most commonly used in homes, especially in areas like the living room.

Installed using adhesives, wallpapers are the perfect alternative to paint when it comes to enhancing your walls quicker and with less mess. Here are some reasons why choosing wallpapers for your home in Singapore may be better than paint:

1. Wallpapers last for years

Well-maintained wallpapers can last up to 15 years; designer wallpapers that come with a wider array of design options and are usually made using materials of the highest quality can sometimes last even longer. On the other hand, paint is known for being more prone to damage and thus, requires touch-ups every year or two.

Hence, you can rest assured that selecting wallpapers for your home is an investment that gives you more bang for your buck.

Learn more: How To Maintain Your Home's Wallpapers So They Last As Long As Possible

2. Wallpapers are easy to remove

Just because wallpapers last for years does not mean you cannot switch things up before they start showing signs in need of a repair or refresh. That is because wallpapers are easy to remove (we recommend getting in touch with your wallpaper supplier for a better job), allowing you to explore different options whenever you feel like adding more pizzazz to your home’s interior design. Contrastingly, repainting a wall usually requires way more effort - you will have to scrape off paint chips or old paint, repair any holes, sand over surfaces, apply primer, and then paint the walls with a few coats of your chosen colour.

3. Wallpapers are versatile

Many homeowners select wallpapers over paint thanks to their versatility. Wallpapers are available in a wide range of colours, designs, patterns and materials so there is definitely something in line with the theme and vibe you are going for. You can even choose personalised wallpapers for something uniquely yours! While paint offers the same versatility in terms of colour, you will have to pay more to hire professionals who can achieve certain effects you want, such as limewash, sponging and drawing.

4. Wallpapers can hide imperfections

Unlike paint which requires the sanding of walls and filling in of cracks before work can commence, installing wallpapers is more of a straightforward process since they are capable of hiding imperfections. Wallpapers are pasted over walls, making them perfect for covering up dents and cracks - you will get to save money you would otherwise have to spend on repairs.

2.2 The advantages and disadvantages of wallpapers

The advantages and disadvantages of wallpapers

Although wallpapers are better than paint in many aspects, it ultimately boils down to preference and needs. Thus, here are some of the pros and cons of installing wallpapers in your home that will help you to make an informed decision.

Advantages of wallpapers

  • Durable

As mentioned before, wallpapers are made to be durable so that they last up to 15 years whereas paint needs retouching every year or so to keep the colour vibrant. So if you are not planning to move houses anytime soon and do not wish to put up with paint odour or debris too frequently, then opting for something longer-lasting may be a more sensible choice.

  • Cost-effective

While choosing wallpaper over paint will usually result in a heftier price tag, it will also be a more cost-effective option at the end of the day because there is no need to spend on frequent repaintings.

  • Aesthetically pleasing

Want to make your house stand out? Then choosing wallpapers is your best bet at impressing anyone who steps into your humble abode! Designer wallpapers are perfect for amping up the luxe factor of your home while personalised wallpapers add a touch of warmth to any area of your choice.

  • Easy to maintain

A common misconception many have about wallpapers is that they are hard to maintain and will require a lot of time and effort to upkeep. Contrary to popular belief, wallpapers are really easy to maintain - vacuuming the surface with a soft brush attachment is good enough to remove dust while wiping down with a damp cloth keeps them looking as good as new.

  • Hides flaws

Choosing wallpapers is also a great way to hide defects in your walls, such as cracks and dents, without having to burn a hole in your pocket on repairs or cause any delays to your renovation process. Other than concealing imperfections, wallpapers also spruce up your walls at the same time.

Disadvantages of wallpapers

  • Harder to install

Compared to painting which you can DIY, the installation of wallpapers requires lots of patience, precision and the right tools that are not as easily accessible as paintbrushes. However, this can be easily resolved by hiring a wallpaper installation service in Singapore. Their team of professionals will take care of everything from start to finish, ranging from prepping the walls to measuring and cutting the wallpapers, so all you have to do is sit back and relax.

  • More expensive

Wallpaper will generally cost more than paint but that is because of the tedious workmanship involved, the high-quality materials used and the different designs that come with varying price tags. While installing wallpapers is going to be more expensive upfront, the costs you save on repairs and maintenance will make it all worthwhile in the future.

  • Harder to match with existing interior design

Most homeowners choose their wallpapers when designing their homes to ensure that everything fits into the theme. If you are opting to install wallpapers into your existing home, it might be slightly more challenging to find ones that go with the rest of your interior design, furniture and decor. Luckily, getting personalised wallpapers customised according to what you need down to a T is an alternative. You may also wish to consult a wallpaper supplier who will be able to provide you with valuable advice gathered from their years of experience.

Wallpapers, like everything else in the world, have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. But it is safe to say that the pros certainly outweigh the cons, as the obstacles mentioned above can be easily overcome with the right help.

2.3 The types of wallpapers available in Singapore

Still unsure whether wallpapers will fit right into your home and lifestyle? There are a few types of wallpapers you can consider for different areas that will upgrade both the aesthetics of your house and your quality of life.

1. Waterproof wallpapers

Waterproof home wallpaper installation services in Singapore

You heard that right - there are waterproof wallpapers for the bathroom to help you transform your boring toilet into a spa-like haven to unwind in after a long day at work. If you have always thought that paper should never come into contact with water, you might want to reconsider that belief.

Waterproof bathroom wallpapers are typically made with modern adhesive compounds that help to create a water-resistant membrane, making it suitable for installation anywhere in the shower. Some also use special technical rolls, smooth finishing and an added coating to make these wallpapers extra durable to prevent damage, bubbling and mould even after coming into contact with water.

These waterproof wallpapers help to retain heat for a more relaxing and enjoyable showering experience, are easy to clean as there are no grout lines to scrub, and will add a flair to your bathroom with various designs to choose from.

Learn more: Waterproof Bathroom Wallpapers: What Are They, Their Benefits & How To Incorporate Them

2. Acoustic wallpapers

Acoustic home wallpaper installation in Singapore

If you are looking for a soundproofing solution that will not break the bank, then acoustic wallpapers are an alternative. They look just like regular wallpapers but have multiple layers that can aid in breaking up and disrupting sound waves. The end result? A similar soundproofing effect as with acoustic foam panels, but of course, minus the unsightly appearance.

Acoustic wallpapers are also often cheaper than most soundproofing solutions, so they are a good option to consider to add style while softening noises as well as improving sound quality in the room itself. Although most homeowners choose to install them in entertainment or study rooms, they can be used in any area of the house to maximise the benefits.

3. Eco-friendly wallpapers

Many wallpapers on the market contain chemicals like volatile organic compounds found in ink and PVC in vinyl. Inhaling these toxins can be harmful to your health but thankfully, there are many eco-friendly wallpaper options for you to choose from. Eco-friendly wallpapers are free of toxins and chemicals, making them a healthier alternative especially if you have kids or live with pets.

They also do not emit any odour, promoting better air quality in your home.

4. Personalised wallpapers

Personalised home wallpaper installation in Singapore

Personalised wallpapers are great if you already have a vision of what you want but cannot seem to find the perfect one even after visiting a few wallpaper shops in Singapore. When you personalise a wallpaper, you will get to speak with a designer who will turn your dreams into reality and help you to achieve one-of-a-kind designs that no one else has in their home.

Regardless of whether you are looking for bold designs as your living room wallpaper or customised artwork for your child’s room, personalised wallpapers will tick all your boxes.

Part 3 - Getting wallpapers for your home in Singapore

3.1 Considerations to take note of before choosing wallpapers

Before making a big decision like choosing wallpaper over paint for your new home, it is crucial for you to take these considerations into account to ensure you pick the right ones.

1. Size of the walls

Decide where you want to install the wallpapers and how many of the walls in your home require wallpapering. Naturally, bigger surface areas to cover will contribute to the overall costs since more wallpaper will be needed. If you are on a budget, consider having accent walls instead of installing wallpaper on every corner.

2. Scale

Next, pay attention to the pattern size of your chosen wallpaper design. Larger patterns will look less cluttered in bigger rooms like the living room, whereas wallpapers with smaller patterns are more suitable for bedrooms.

3. Patterns

Apart from the size, take note of pattern orientation as well. Horizontal patterns on wallpapers give the illusion of a bigger space by widening the area while vertical patterns bring the eyes upward to make ceilings appear higher.

4. Colours

Colours play a bigger role than you think - apart from evoking different emotions, the colours you choose could make your house look bigger or smaller and cosier or chicer. For example, light colours such as ivory and pale grey reflect higher amounts of light to trick the eye into thinking the space looks larger than it actually is. Warmer colours like brown are often found in spas so they give off a more comforting and relaxing vibe.

Keep these in mind when selecting wallpapers for your home so that you never have to fret about the end product not turning out to be like what you have envisioned.

3.2 Where to get wallpapers for your home in Singapore

Where to get wallpaper supplier and services for your home in Singapore

Ready to start your search for the perfect wallpaper but in need of some professional advice? Frekkles is your one-stop wallpaper supplier and shop in Singapore, with a team of dedicated designers, staff and workers who are committed to helping you achieve your dream home.

We have an extensive catalogue of wallpapers in designs ranging from sleek to bold and simple. Here is what we offer:

  • Statement wallpapers

Our statement wallpaper service is a one-stop solution for homeowners who are looking to create bespoke wallpaper designs that nobody else has seen or used before.

Simply consult our team and help them understand your vision for personalised wallpapers so that they can bring it to life! Our designers are well-versed in creating graphic art with bold and eye-catching designs that will make a statement, simple designs using different textures and shapes to help you nail that minimalistic look, and kid-friendly designs for the little ones in your life.

Learn more: Where To Get Personalised Wallpapers In Singapore For Your Home & How It Works

  • Generic wallpapers

If you do not have a particular design in mind and just want to browse a selection of modern wallpapers in a variety of styles, colours and patterns, then our generic wallpapers will be right up your alley.

They are also designed to be an affordable option so that everybody gets the chance to elevate their homes with wallpapers.

  • Waterproof wallpaper

Our selection of innovative waterproof bathroom wallpapers is just what you need to make your bathroom stand out! We bring in high-quality water-resistant wallpapers from WallPepper® that stay strong even against humidity and vapour.

You can choose to add on a coating of WALLSILK®ANTIBACTERIAL, an eco-friendly and PVC-free option, to make your wallpaper scratch-resistant, waterproof and aggressive-solvent resistant.

The waterproof bathroom wallpapers can even be installed in the shower where there will be direct contact with water!

  • Acoustic wallpapers

Keep noise levels down with our acoustic wallpapers to achieve better sleep and improved sound quality within the room itself. Other than enhancing room acoustics, the wallpapers have added layers that can aid in trapping cool air in the room and preventing it from escaping when you turn on the air-conditioner. But they do not interfere with natural heat circulation, so there is no need to worry about mould.

Additionally, all materials used in our acoustic wallpapers are non-toxic so they are great for all areas of your home.

3.3 Why should you hire a professional to install your wallpapers

Why should you hire a professional to install your wallpapers for your home in Singapore

You may be considering installing wallpapers for your home by yourself in a bid to cut costs, but truth be told, the DIY route is not always advisable. Here is why:

  • Seam issues

Installation errors could result in seam issues such as open seams and curling or loose ends. To combat these problems, preparing the walls and applying the right amount of adhesive are crucial steps in achieving flawless wallpapers. Thus, it is best to leave wallpaper installations to professionals since they are trained and have the right tools.

  • Streakiness or patchiness

You may notice some streakiness or patchiness only after installation and that is usually caused by not rinsing off the wallpapers to remove excess paste. Different manufacturers have different instructions and wallpaper installation professionals are experienced enough to know what to do.

  • Bubbles

Bubbles or blisters are also very common, just like when sticking on a phone screen protector. This is typically caused by improper surface preparation and not smoothing out the strip. Luckily, this can be avoided by hiring a professional to install the wallpaper, as they are familiar with the steps to take to ensure problems do not arise.

  • Lack of materials

You also probably do not have the tools you need to install wallpapers which means you will have to purchase them, adding to the overall cost. But professional wallpaper installers bring everything they need to get the wallpapers up so you do not have to invest in tools only to use them once and never again.

We have covered why doing it yourself may not be a good choice, but here are more reasons why you should absolutely hire a professional to help you get the job done.

  • Saves time and effort

Preparing the walls to make sure they are clean, then measuring and applying adhesive to the wallpapers before sticking them on will take up a considerable amount of time. This time is extended for novices who have no prior experience in dealing with wallpapers for the home.

A professional, on the other hand, is trained to get the wallpapers up in perfect condition as quickly as possible.

  • They are more knowledgeable

For instance, you may not know which adhesive works best for the type of wallpaper and the condition of your wall. Hiring professionals will resolve this woe, as they are already equipped with the relevant know-how on what to use and how to resolve problems such as bubbles and uneven surfaces.

No amount of research and YouTube videos you watch to prepare yourself for DIY can compare to a professional’s years of hands-on experience.

  • Leave the cleaning to them

Hiring a wallpaper installation service is also a hassle-free process - everything from installation to the cleaning up will be taken care of so that you do not have to lift a finger.

Moving into a new home is already stressful and tiring enough, so let them take a load off your shoulders.

  • Includes warranty

Last but not least, purchasing wallpapers from a wallpaper shop in Singapore and getting them installed by their team gives you greater peace of mind as a warranty will be provided. This means there will be someone you can turn to in the event of problems with your wallpapers, rather than having to count on yourself to refurbish the entire setup when you notice a flaw in your DIY projects.

Browse wallpapers in Singapore at Frekkles

Here at Frekkles, we are confident our wide selection of wallpapers will not just meet, but also surpass your expectations and needs.

Our team of dedicated staff is also ready to help in any way we can - from consultation to installation - to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the end product.

Get in touch with us today to find out more!

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