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Beautifying Interiors in Singapore with Wallpaper

Beautifying Interiors in Singapore with Wallpaper

Wallpapers were considered a trend of the past, but it’s now back better than ever! With its power to transform any empty room into a captivating work of art, it’s no surprise that wallpaper is slowly becoming a staple in interior design again. From plain, solid colours to bold and striking prints, the options are endless when it comes to creating your own unique and stylish interior. Regardless of what style you prefer, wallpaper is a great option if you wish to beautify your space. Not sure where to start? We share with you all the tips and tricks you need to elevate interiors with wallpaper.

Decorating With Wallpaper Solutions

1.1. How Wallpapers Improve Your Environment

Benefits of Wallpaper-Wall Stickers Singapore

Wallpapers are gaining popularity in recent years due to many reasons. Here’s why.

a. They’re Sustainable

Wallpapers are far more durable than paint or other wall covering options. Many of them are made from environmentally-friendly materials such as recycled paper, or natural fibres such as jute, linen or hemp, which are renewable, and biodegradable. By using wallpaper, you help to reduce the environmental impact of your interior decor.

Using wallpaper also helps to reduce the amount of paint used in interiors. Many paints contain harmful chemicals and emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can contribute to indoor air pollution. Wallpaper, on the other hand, does not produce VOCs, making it a safer and more eco-friendly option.

Most wallpapers also typically last more than 10 years and up to 25 years. This means that less waste is produced from having to repaint walls every few years.

b. Wallpapers Add Visual Interest

nice interior with wallpaper-Wall Stickers Singapore

Apart from their resilience, wallpapers are also known for their design variety. They are available in many colours, patterns, and textures that can add visual interest and personality to a space. And you get to choose from a range of styles to create different atmospheres that suit your tastes.

c. They Hide Imperfections on Walls

Wallpapers can also provide a simple solution to cover up bumpy or uneven walls, as well as cracks, stains, and other types of damage on your walls to create a more attractive and polished look. The texture and patterns can work wonders in masking wall imperfections and beautifying the space without the need for costly rectification works.

d. Create A Positive Professional Environment

In a business environment, wallpapers also play an important role; they add colour, texture, and pattern to otherwise bland or sterile walls, enhancing the aesthetics of the space and creating a sense of warmth and personality. This leaves a good impression among visitors and even boosts employee morale.

Businesses can even personalise wallpaper designs to reflect their corporate identity. For example, designing bold and dynamic wallpapers to demonstrate the brand’s creativity and innovation capabilities.

e. Spark Conversations and Thought

Spark Conversations and Thought-Wall Stickers Singapore

Besides visual appeal, wallpapers also serve as conversation starters and thought-provoking elements. They can tell a story or convey a message through their designs, set the mood in the room, encourage creativity, and inspire new ideas. This is because art forms can impact brain wave patterns and improve neural functioning.

1.2. Common Misconceptions About Wallpapers

Wallpapers offer many benefits and were widely used up until the late 20th century. But despite these, many people are still sceptical about using wallpapers to decorate their spaces due to certain misconceptions surrounding them. We clarify them here.

a. Wallpapers Gather Dust Easily

Wallpapers Gather Dust Easily-Wall Stickers Singapore

The texture and pattern on wallpapers can create the illusion of dust accumulation or make any presence of dust appear more noticeable than on a smooth painted wall. However, it does not mean that wallpapers attract and gather dust much easier compared to other wall covering solutions. In fact, dust can accumulate on any surface. If you wish to install wallpapers but worry about dust, there are finishes that are made to prevent dust from collecting on wallpaper surfaces. And with proper maintenance, wallpapers can easily remain free of dust and dirt.

b. Wallpapers are Expensive to Install

The cost of wallpaper installation is determined by a number of factors, including the type of wallpaper, the size of your wall, the complexity of the installation, and the design you’ve chosen. Some types may require special adhesives or preparation, which can increase the cost. But most wallpapers are relatively inexpensive to install. In fact, unlike painting, which requires several coats and can take many days to complete, wallpaper can be a cost-effective and efficient way to update your space and give it a fresh new look.

c. Your Wall Needs to be Extremely Smooth for Wallpaper Installation

Cracks on wall-Wall Stickers Singapore

Although smooth walls make wallpaper installation easier, you don’t necessarily need it to achieve a clean finish. In fact, many types of wallpaper are designed to hide minor imperfections, such as small bumps or cracks, in walls. There are also installation techniques that professional wallpaper contractors use to create a smooth finish on less-than-perfect walls.

d. Wallpapers Can Cause Fires

If properly installed and maintained, the risk of wallpaper causing a fire is extremely low. Of course, the material from which it is made is crucial as well.

In the past, some wallpapers were made from highly flammable materials such as paper or cotton. But today, modern wallpapers are typically made of non-flammable materials such as vinyl or non-woven fabrics, making them suitable for use in any interior space. Some types of wallpaper may even help prevent the spread of fire.

e. They Peel Off Easily

Modern wallpapers are designed to adhere firmly to wall surfaces. They are made highly durable and, when properly installed, don’t peel or damage easily. Cheap or low-quality wallpapers may not provide a strong enough bond, resulting in wallpaper that is prone to peeling or falling off. But high-quality designer wallpapers will likely stick on for years.

1.3. Wallpaper Decoration Trends and Ideas

Whether you’re decorating a residential or commercial space, if you’re interested in enhancing the appearance of your interior, we have some wallpaper decoration trends and ideas suitable for homes and commercial spaces you can take inspiration from.

a. Trends

  • Large-Scale Prints

Large scale print-Wall Stickers Singapore

Large-scale wallpaper prints are growing in popularity because of their ability to make a bold statement, transform a room into a unique and eye-catching space, and create a striking and dramatic effect. They offer an easy and inexpensive way to create a feature wall, and can be used in a variety of settings. Furthermore, large prints usually give the illusion of a more spacious interior, which is great for small spaces.

  • Botanical Prints

Biophilic design—a concept used within an urban built environment to connect humans with nature—is in trend today, paving the way for botanical prints to gain popularity. Wallpapers with botanical prints add a natural and calming feel, and are an extremely simple way to add a touch of nature’s beauty to your interior. Studies have shown that exposure to natural elements such as this can help to reduce stress levels and improve overall well being.

Botanical prints-Wall Stickers Singapore

Consider building a feature wall or a green wall with botanical wallpaper designs to introduce colour and texture, or install them in small spaces such as alcoves to add visual interest and create a sense of depth and dimension.

  • Faux Textures

Wallpapers with faux textures can add depth and interest to a room without the need to spend extra money or put in the effort to maintain real materials. These prints are in trend as they offer a realistic and tactile feel to a space, effortlessly adding warmth and comfort. Another reason for their popularity is how they allow designers to achieve the look of expensive materials, such as stone or wood, without actually using these materials.

  • Vintage Designs

Vintage wallpapers are inspired by designs from the past, ranging from Victorian-era patterns to retro 1960s prints, and often feature intricate details, bold colours, and whimsical motifs. They offer a unique and nostalgic look to interiors that cannot be replicated by modern designs. The wide range of styles they come in also means that they can be used in various settings.

  • Panelled Wallpaper

Panelled wallpaper-Designer Wallpaper

Panelled wallpaper creates the illusion that the room has panels on its walls. It creates a three-dimensional effect by introducing a faux architectural feature, adding depth and texture to the space. Panelled wallpaper is popular because it adds visual interest to a room at a cost-effective rate and without the hassle of installing panels.

  • Muted Colours

Muted colours, such as grey, beige, taupe, and pastel shades such as blush pink, are in style today as they make interiors appear more natural and easier on the eyes. Wallpapers in these colours help to create a sense of serenity and tranquillity, and can be suitable for various applications, such as in offices, bedrooms, and fine dining restaurants.

b. Ideas

Not interested in following trends? Here are some other ideas u can consider.

  • Contrasting Colours and/or Patterns

Contrasting Colours and Patterns-Wall Stickers Singapore

Contrast is one of the fundamental principles in interior design. It helps to establish a hierarchy and create a focal point while ensuring balance. One way to add visual interest to your space is to install wallpapers of contrasting colours or patterns. Not only does it enhance the appearance of your interior, it also generates a vibrant and inviting atmosphere. You can consider using complementary colours, such as pairing a blue wallpaper with an orange or yellow one.

  • Subtle Patterns in a Neutral Colour Palette

Want to enhance your interior without having big and bold, visually stimulating patterns in your face all the time? Consider neutral-coloured wallpapers with light and subtle designs, such as embossed wallpapers or those with cream patterns on a white base. These help to softly elevate your space without being too overpowering, especially if you prefer a minimal interior.

  • Match Wallpaper Design to Furniture

Match Wallpaper Design to Furniture-Wall Stickers Singapore

Matching your furniture to your wallpaper design is an excellent way to achieve a unified look in your space. You could choose a wallpaper with the same design as the furniture you’ve picked out, or you could install the wallpaper on the piece of furniture as well. For example, the living room wallpaper you used on your wall can be applied to the coffee table.

  • Deconstructed Wallpaper

Deconstructed wallpaper is a unique and innovative method of installing wallpapers; it is made by tearing or cutting pieces of existing wallpaper and layering them in an intentional pattern on a wall. The result is a textured, multidimensional look that adds interest and depth. It can be used to create a feature wall or emphasise architectural features in a room, and is an excellent way to enhance the appearance of your space if you’re looking for something unique and rarely attempted.

  • Using Wallpapers on the Ceiling

Using Wallpapers on the Ceiling-Wall Stickers Singapore

Installing wallpapers on the walls and extending it to the ceiling ties the space together and makes the room look more harmonious. It also adds height to the interior and can make the room feel more spacious, which is especially useful for small homes or offices.

1.4. Mistakes To Avoid When Decorating With Wallpapers

Interested in putting up wallpapers? Whether you’re planning to use them in your home, an office space, or in your store, there are some important things to take note of and mistakes that you should avoid making if you want to have a hassle-free process and a beautiful interior.

a. Applying Wallpaper Yourself

Applying Wallpaper Yourself-Wall Stickers Singapore

Wallpaper installation requires skill, and applying it yourself is a mistake you should avoid committing, especially if you are not experienced or familiar with the process. You could risk damaging the wallpapers or your walls if you’re not careful. This could lead to mistakes that will incur additional costs to rectify. Engage wallpaper services to have it installed professionally instead.

b. Choosing Too Many Styles for a Room

Using too many wallpaper styles and designs in one room is a common mistake many people make when decorating spaces. While it is important to create contrast, mixing and matching too many different colours and patterns create visual clutter and can make the space feel cramped and overwhelming.

c. Choosing Only One Design for the Entire Space

Although too many colours and patterns will result in a chaotic interior, choosing only one wallpaper design for the entire space is another mistake you should not make. While it may seem like a safe choice, the outcome you get is a bland and uninteresting space. Using only one wallpaper design makes the room appear flat and one-dimensional, and can be especially problematic in large spaces.

d. Not Customising Your Own

Customising your own wallpaper gives you more control over the final product and the look and feel you’re trying to achieve in your space. Although it is fine to buy wallpapers off the shelf, it may not reflect your personality and taste well. With personalised wallpaper, you get to create an interior that suits you or your business best.

e. Not Factoring In Furniture and Lighting

The furniture in your space should complement your wallpaper and not clash with it. For example, if the furniture in the room is predominantly made of wood, you may want to choose wallpapers with warm and earthy tones that complement the natural wood grains.

Lighting is also a key factor to consider; different lighting can dramatically alter the way a wallpaper pattern or colour appears. For example, a wallpaper with a light and airy pattern may look washed out under bright overhead lighting, but come to life when illuminated by softer ambient lights.

f. Choosing Designs Without Considering Purpose of Room

Your wallpaper should match the function of your room. Failure to consider what the room will be used for when choosing your wallpaper may result in unconducive environments.

Choosing Designs Without Considering Purpose of Room-Wall Stickers Singapore

For instance, a busy and bold wallpaper design may be perfect for a lively and active living room or family room, but it may not be the best choice for a bedroom. In a bedroom, a calming design may be more appropriate, as it creates a peaceful atmosphere to help promote restful sleep.

g. Not Asking for Wallpaper Samples

Wallpaper samples allow you to physically see and feel the texture, colour, and pattern of the wallpaper, which can help you make an informed decision about whether the wallpaper is right for your space. Hence, it is important to ask for samples before deciding which wallpaper you want to get.

1.5. Maintaining Your Wallpaper

Although wallpaper can transform your interior effortlessly, they need to be well taken care of throughout their lifespan in order to beautify your space for years to come. Here’s what you need to do to maintain your wallpaper.

a. Avoid Direct Sunlight

light through a window-Wall Stickers Singapore

The ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can cause wallpaper to fade over time. In fact, it causes furniture, such as wooden tables and leather sofas, as well as many other types of fabrics to discolour. It is recommended to avoid installing wallpaper in areas that receive direct sunlight for long periods of time. Otherwise, you can consider installing window treatments that can block out the harmful UV rays.

b. Regular Cleaning

a person cleaning the wall-Wall Stickers Singapore

Dust and dirt can cause abrasion, stains, or discolouration, as well as damage your wallpapers. Regular cleaning can help maintain the good condition of your wallpapers for much longer. Use a soft bristle brush, cloth, or a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to remove any loose dirt or dust, and immediately clean away any dirt that splatters onto your wallpaper by gently blotting them away. Do not use abrasive cleaners such as rubbing alcohol or steel wool as they can cause serious damages.

c. Avoid Exposing Wallpaper To Moisture

Wallpaper can peel or discolour if exposed to excessive moisture. It is recommended to avoid installing wallpaper in areas that are prone to moisture, such as bathrooms or kitchens. When cleaning your wallpaper, avoid using too much water and immediately dry the surface after cleaning.

Choosing A Wallpaper

2.1. Questions To Ask Your Wallpaper Supplier

Choosing a wallpaper can be a challenging task, especially when there are so many options available today. To ensure that you are purchasing the best wallpaper for your needs, it is important to ask your wallpaper supplier some key questions. Here’s a list of the questions you should ask your supplier.

  • What are some wallpaper trends, and how should I pick wallpapers for different parts of my space?

  • What wallpaper type and design will you recommend?

  • What do I have to prepare during the days leading up to installation?

  • Do you provide warranty or any after-sales services that can be helpful to us should there be an issue with wallpaper installation?

  • Do you provide wallpaper customisation services?

2.2. Wallpaper Selection Tips

Wallpaper Selection Tips-Wall Stickers Singapore

For Small Homes

  • Opt for light and bright colours to make your small home look spacious and airy. (e.g. white, cream, pastel, and light blue)

  • Choose wallpaper with vertical stripe designs to make the ceiling appear higher.

  • Install wallpaper on a single wall to make it an accent wall, creating depth to make the room look bigger.

  • Avoid using large-scale patterns as it can be overwhelming in small spaces and can make the room feel cramped.

For Large Homes

  • Use warm colours such as beige, taupe, and soft gold to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

  • Choose textured wallpaper to help make a large room feel more intimate and cosy. For example, wallpapers with embossed designs.

  • Tie parts of the home together with a cohesive look by sticking to a theme when choosing wallpaper. For example, nature-inspired themes to create a sense of movement and flow through the space.

For Office Spaces

  • Choose wallpaper with neutral colours and patterns to create a calm and professional environment. Avoid having too many overly bold and bright designs that can be distracting and overwhelming.

  • Use frosted or textured sheer wallpaper on glass partitions, doors, or dividers to create a sense of privacy without blocking natural light.

  • Use more colours and patterns in lounge areas or the pantry to revitalise employees’ senses.

For Shop Spaces

  • Customise a wallpaper design that reflects your brand and the products or services you offer.

  • Use wallpaper to create a focal point, such as the cash register, to draw attention to the area.

  • Choose wallpaper based on the atmosphere you want to create

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I choose wallpaper over paint?

Wallpaper comes in a wide range of designs that make it very easy to pair with any space. It is also easier to apply to interiors as compared to paint, and can be more durable and resistant to wear and tear.

2. How much does it cost to wallpaper a 4-room HDB flat?

The cost of installing wallpaper in a 4-room HDB flat depends on the type, quality, size, and design of the wallpaper chosen. Contact us today to get a quote.

3. Do I have to remove my old wallpaper in order to install a new one?

In most cases, it is recommended to remove existing wallpaper before installing new ones. But, wallpaper is made to hide imperfections, so it may be able to still apply on smoothly without removing old wallpaper.

4. Can wallpaper be used in the toilet or kitchen?

There are waterproof wallpaper for bathrooms that can withstand moisture and can be used in the toilet or kitchen.

5. How long does wallpaper last?

Wallpapers can last between five and 15 years, depending on their quality and if they are installed properly.

Wallpapers are great decorative elements if you want to beautify your space. Apart from their durability, they are available in a variety of designs that can be used in almost every interior. In fact, you can even personalise your own wallpaper to create one that suits your needs.

FREKKLES is a specialised visual architectural agency in Singapore with an extensive catalogue of wall covering products, such as wallpapers and wall stickers, you can choose from. Whether you’re decorating an office space or a residential unit, we have the solution for you. Contact us today to start shopping for the wall covering you need.

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