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How To Accentuate Your Personality Through Wallpapers & Colour Symbolism

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

How To Accentuate Your Personality Through Wallpapers & Colour Symbolism

Your home design can speak volumes about your personality, depending on the aesthetics and colours chosen. If you noticed that certain colours might be more appealing to you, this is due to the connection between colours and our emotions.

Known as Colour Theory, it is a reaction evoked from different shades of colours which can be subjective to individuals depending on reasons like personal positive or negative associations. This theory translates into interior design by impacting and setting the mood of the room. Keep in mind the atmosphere you desire to achieve before selecting a colour palette to complement it.

Similarly, wallpapers have the same effect in terms of creating a certain ambience. Whether you are looking for a pop of colour to express your wild side or just a neutral base for zen inspiration, discover how to accentuate your personality through wallpapers and colour symbolism:

1. Warm colours - Red, Orange, Yellow

To reflect one’s passionate and energetic vibe, use warm colours in your home. All three colours describe a vivid and bold nature that is associated with positive feelings that emphasises happiness and cosiness. Here is what each colour represents:

Red: Great to use for a strong first impression! This intense colour gives people an adrenaline rush, which boosts the energy of the room.

Orange: Gives a vibrancy to the space, creating a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. Compared to red, this colour is much more subtle and can be related to autumn in its muted forms.

Yellow: Creates a sense of warmth that is welcoming. Typically, it is correlated with the soft hue of sunlight, which can brighten the room and create a feeling of light and space.

Giving your home a makeover? Consider using interior wallpaper design to make your mood board come to life! With its easy installation process, it will be a quick and fuss-free experience.

2. Neutral colours - Black, Grey, White

In general, neutral colours have been a timeless trend as they can be simple yet sophisticated. As these versatile colours are rather mild, they evoke a cosy feeling that makes people feel at ease. The following signifies the meaning of each colour:

Black: Represents elegance and can be linked to formality. Empowers people to strive with confidence.

Grey: Creates a feeling of calm and security that can come in a cooler or warmer tone, a great contrast with black or white.

White: Depicts a sense of purity and is known to be a safe choice, easily complementing any other colour.

Excited to try these colours in the room? Purchase some wallpaper for your home that caters to your style and expresses your personality!

3. Cool colours - Green, Blue, Purple

Often associated with nature, these cool colours can emulate feelings of calmness and serenity. They are also known to be reserved in their subdued nature. Here is a breakdown of each colour:

Green: Combining traces of blue and yellow, it is often associated with nature and encourages comfort and togetherness.

Blue: Stimulates feelings of peace and highlights a relaxing environment while invigorating people in the room.

Purple: A blend of red and blue which represents opulence and gives the room a sense of nobility.

4. Pastel colours

Also known as “tints”, pastel colours give a soft touch to the room while providing a sense of youthfulness. They are made by adding hints of white onto the 7 prime colours. While this gentle colour has been previously associated with baby showers, it has become more apparent in recent years to educe tranquillity and calmness.

Now with a better understanding of how to decorate your walls with different variations of colours, we hope you can accentuate your home, fully conveying your personality. With our wide range of sustainable wallpapers, give your home a fresh new look! Call us now to find out more.

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